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This is my personal page. I've built it for a couple of reasons, a) I'm a web programmer, so I kind of need to have some place on the web; b) it includes some stuff I'm interested in; c) I'm using it to experiment with building web sites that are designed with Web Standards. Included in these pages are many of my photographs along with information about things I'm interested in. I hope you enjoy looking around. If you have comments about this site, please email me.

You may be wondering why the Clan Keith tartan is displayed at the top of my screen (and why my site is named Clan Keith). I'm part Scottish, (and have a Scottish surname), and the Falconer's are part of Clan Keith. I designed the image you see from the official Keith tartan pattern. My sister had sent away for the pattern to use in her counted cross stitch, and I sat down over Christmas vacation a many of years ago and created the pattern on my computer.

So, if you're interested in learning more about me, please check one of the following areas.

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