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Currently the owner of Web Mater Designs, LLC and living in Portland, OR, I have worked with many different customers throughout the US. With a focus on Windows based ASP.NET sites (C#), SQL Technologies and Adobe Publish, I have successfully built an on-going relationship with many of my clients. Current clients include BART, The Phillips Collection, Semphonic and Rambus. To view some recent projects, please visit my company website.

Before moving back to Oregon, I was the Director of Technology for 415 Productions (the DoT in 415-dot-com). I have been working in web related ventures since 1994, and in the Information Systems arena since 1983. In the summer of 1999, I joined the team at 415 Productions, becoming the first manager/Director at this San Francisco based web design company. I helped the company grow three-fold, and was instrumental in landing and completing some of the high-profile projects. (San Francisco Symphony, SCEA/US Playstation, and BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit) In 2002, I was elected to the Board of Directors of 415.

Prior to joining 415, I helped found the navigation software company Kivera, (formally Collier Software) in 1996. Kivera was one of the premiere navigation software companies doing work for AAA and DENSO (LEXUS, Jaguar).

I have owned and worked for several small start-ups and was also a co-founder of ValueNet Corporation, the company that originated After graduating from Pomona College with a BA in Mathematics, I became an accomplished Systems Programmer for Hughes Aircraft Company. During the years I spent at Hughes, I worked on the planning, implementation and maintenance of several mainframe computer sites serving thousands of users. Before leaving Hughes, I was given commendations for exceptional work by both Hughes and IBM, including special recognition for the first customer implementation of the Early Support Program for IBM VM/ESA 1.1.0.

Starting in 1992, I worked as an independent consultant with Visual Languages. Our clients included Hughes Aircraft Company, Linear Technology, and AT&T where I was the project leader for the Arkansas State Digital Identification System (Driver's License Issuance, Medicaid and State Employee Identification).

My areas of expertise are Internet Application design and programming, Dynamic content management systems, networking and connectivity, database design, user interface design, and Internet protocols.

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