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Here's the Evite I sent

Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING, but my Vinotemp is bursting at the seams, and that means that YOU benefit! I'm putting together an informal wine tasting with people I haven't tasted with before. This party will be 15-20 people (please invite your friends, but let me know how many are coming), we'll try wines that I have at least 2 bottles of (so everyone can taste).

We'll do 2 wines at a time in blind side-by-side comparisions. I'm thinking some light food, so if you want, please bring either an hors d'oeuvre or dessert to share with the group. (But for heaven's sake, don't bring any wine!)

Party starts at 6 pm, wine tasting at 6:30 pm.

Well, it ended up being a few less people, but just as much fun. Due to various circumstances, it ended up being about 12 people instead of the 15-20 I had originally thought. Actually, that ended up being a blessing in disguise because instead of doing wines I had two or more bottles of, with 12 I could do some single bottle wines. We all ended up having a great time, and it was fun to taste with a new group of friends, many of whom hadn't been to a blind tasting before.

There was food aplenty, including two new recipes I tried, Squash Blossoms Stuffed with Cheese, and a Salmon Mousse. My friend Susan made a wonderful fruit tart for dessert, and people brought over various other dishes and lots of wonderful cheeses.

I decided to do a little education for those people who haven't tasted very much before, so I did 5 flights of 2 wines each, with each flight being a different varietal (more or less). The flights were:

Flight I Flight II Flight III Flight IV Flight V

With dessert we also enjoyed the following wines:

Hosted By: Robert
Attendees: Alison
Michelle and Elisa
Michelle D.
Miriam and Terri

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