I've always enjoyed entertaining, and I love to cook, but my schedule doesn't really allow me to do it very often. Recently, a group of friends and I have started holding wine tastings every couple of months. Its a great way to get together, drink some good wine, eat some wonderful food, and enjoy each other's company. If you've never tried this before, I highly recommend it.

In the future, I'll provide information on how to conduct a wine tasting here, but for now, you can check out the following information:

or if you're interested in cooking and want to try some new recipes, here's a couple to start with:

Here are some tips for holding a wine tasting.

I just got a Vinotemp to store my wine, and I LOVE it! It was a pain to get into my house (it didn't fit through my front door), but thanks to some great friends, I was able to bring it up through my back door. A Vinotemp is a wine cellar, and acts like a large refrigerator for storing wine. I have a model 400-E, which holds about 380 bottles of wine. If you're going to store and/or age any quantity of wine, I highly recommend getting a wine storage unit.

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