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What can I say that would help?

There isn't anything terribly difficult about this site, so I don't really know where to start in terms of giving you help. All of the photos on this site are stored in two formats, GIF and JPEG. Most browsers contain GIF viewers, so I won't bother telling you anything about that. To view JPEG files, you may need an external viewer. (Netscape provides this, and so do the new versions of Air Mosaic and the AOL browser.) If your on Prodigy, you will either have to settle for the much slower GIF format, or configure an external JPEG viewer.

If you find any information here that is incorrect, please let me know. I have done my best to provide accurate information about the Scottish clans, and whenever possible have used reference materials that I have gathered. Some of the information has been adapted by me, so any errors are obviously mine.

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