Celebration of Wine Tasting

This was the first of my new Wine Tastings. I had done one before during the summer on 1999, and it was a lot of fun. At that tasting, I compiled a group of mostly bottle aged wines for my friends and I to try. I think we ended up tasting 10 or 11 wines, and it was there that I realized:

With this in mind, I brought together a group of 10-12 of my friends, and we had a blow-out wine tasting. (Followed quickly by a tequila/scotch tasting, but that's another story.)

I didn't write down the list of wines that we tasted on that first wine tasting, and I only partly remember the menu of what food I served. It included a pasta salad with a home-made creamy ceasar-like dressing, stuffed mushrooms, and a seafood bisque.

We all had a great time, and from this party, our wine tasting group was formed.

Hosted By: Robert
Attendees: Maggie and Laura
Barbara and Joe
Joe and Liz
Steven and Andrea
Michelle and Elisa

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