Holiday Wine Tasting

The really wasn't a theme for this tasting, other than a celebration of friendship and winter. There were 11 guests, including myself. We started off with the first of two 4 bottle blind tasting. The bottles were all chosen by me from my cellar, and the first group was meant to be a nice collection of reds in various styles and varietals from around the world. The bottles chosen were:

After this, we snacked on some bread and cheese as well as sliced meats from "Say Cheese", a local San Francisco cheese shop. I usually try and get an assortment of goat and cow milk cheeses, and I am particularly fond of triple creams (Le Explorateur being my favorite). "Say Cheese" has a good selection of meats and cheeses, and although I find the quality to slightly less than that of my normal cheese shop ("24th Street Cheese" in Noe Valley), they carry Explorateur and usually Humbolt Fog, a goat cheese with a vein of ash in it. (Unfortunately for this tasting, they didn't have any of the Humbolt Fog, so I ended up with two Goat cheeses, a hard sheeps milk, two triple creams (cow's milk) and a brie-like soft cheese (cow's milk). In addition, I had sliced roast pork, chicken, cajun turkey, and beef.

After having some food, we started the second blind tasting. This group was a special group from the best of my cellar. It included:

After the blind tastings, we had dinner, which consisted of roast chicken with a mustard vinaigrette, potato saffron omelet, and mixed greens with walnuts and apples in a balsamic vinegar vinaigrette. More wine was served with dinner, and these included:

To finish the evening off, we has some Joseph Schmidt truffles, and enjoyed some fine dessert wines:

Hosted By: Robert
Attendees: Michelle and Kim
Joe and Liz
Barbara and Joe
Kathy and David
Steven and Andrea

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