Italian Wine Tasting

Unfortunately I don't have all of the information about this wine tasting...

For this party, Barbara and Joe hosted at their house in San Francisco. We had a group of 13 people for the tasting, and it was a very merry affair. The theme for the night was "Italian", so we ended up sampling some wonderful Italian wines, having great Italian food, and generally enjoying ourselves.

We again did two blind tastings of four wines each. Unfortunately I don't remember exactly which wines were in which tasting, nor their exact order. (I do remember that the third wine in the 2nd round was hands down our favorite, and it was the Amarone.)

It was at this tasting that we decided to try and do one of these tastings every month or two, and that we would rotate around the group. It's really fun to get a group of friends together, taste some wonderful wines, and then enjoy a nice home cooked meal.

Hosted By: Barbara and Joe
Attendees: Robert
Joe and Liz
Kathy and David
Steven and Andrea
Michelle and Miles

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