"Around the World"

This time, we took our wine tasting "on the road" to Burlingame. Since most of the people in the tasting group live in San Francisco, we decided that the smartest thing to do would be to rent a car for the evening. That way none of us would be driving after the tasting. Since there were 10 of us traveling, we rented a strech limo, loaded up a card table, some glasses, a bottle of champagne (Pol Roger, 1990), and some beer for the trip down.

Our hosts were David and Kathy, who recently bought a gorgeous little house in Burlingame. It was really nice to see such a beautiful place. We jokingly referred to it as the "grown-up" house since most of us are renters in San Francisco. As we walked in the door, the smell of rosemary and garlic immediately got us all interested in what we were going to have for dinner. After a nice tour of the split level house, we sat down to start the tasting.

So far, we haven't tasted any white wines in these parties. Most of us prefer red, but Kathy and David provided a very nice selection of whites to start the evening off.

After tasting those lovely wines, we snacked on some meats, cheeses, breads, and various garnishes. Then it was time to dive into the red wines.

* This is the vintner from the Hess Winery

After the official tasting, we enjoyed a lovely meal of Red Snapper In Salt Crust With Salmoriglio, a lovely dish of chilled marinated green beans, and pasta with walnuts. We also enjoyed home-made cookies that one of the couples had brought.

During dinner, we also sampled some more wonderful wines:

After about 4 hours, we decided that we had better get the limo back, so we packed up our stuff, crawled into the limo, and headed home. On the ride back, we enjoyed some nice Scotch, and continued our lively conversations. Upon arriving back in San Francisco, some of the group headed off to "El Rio", a local bar/nightclub for some dancing, while others made their way home. Unfortunately I had to get up early the next morning, so I bid them farewell and went to sleep.

All in all, this was once again a lovely gathering of very close friends.

Hosted By: Kathy and David
Attendees: Robert
Joe and Liz
Barbara and Joe
Michelle and Kim

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