Fantasy Feast

Once again, our regular wine tasting group got together in a lovely home in the Haight/Ashbury section of town. Tonight the hosts were Joe and Liz, and they pulled out all the stops, making this one of the nicest wine tastings that we've had to date.

Although Joe works at another profession, he is an extremely good cook, and for the meal tonight, he really let loose. I don't have all the details on this event, (and in many respects its fitting that I remember the menu better than I remember the wines we tasted.) Here is the menu that Joe served:

With the salad, Joe served a Hop Kiln 1999 Thousand Flowers. With the rissoto he served a Hess 1998 Petite Sirah. Dessert was accompanied by a Dawe's 10-year Reserve Tawny Port

One comment here about Joe's Creme is the most amazing dessert I have ever tasted. Joe's recipe involves 2-3 days of preparation (infusing the cream with vanilla), and it really shows. Several of us had more than one serving of this incredible delicacy.

Several of us were joking that after this evenings feast, we were all going to be put to shame, and we'd have to go back to "Mac & Cheese" or something similar since there was no way to compete with Joe's cooking. As the founder of these events, I laughingly chastised Joe saying, "Don't forget, its supposed to be about the wine, not the food!" All joking aside however, this one will last in all of our memories for quite some time.

Hosted By: Joe and Liz
Attendees: Robert
Barbara and Joe
Kathy and David
Steven and Andrea

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